Banking and financial law

Banking and financial law

DI DONNA provides judicial and extra-judicial assistance to credit institutions and financial institutions, also in proceedings before the Supervisory Authority.

It provides assistance in banking litigation and credit management, in creditors' committees and in disputes relating to compound interest, usury rates and the protection of savings.

It provides advice in the NPL sector, where it assists investors, transferring companies and banking institutions.

Assists clients in restructuring debt with banks and in resolving critical issues with banks.

He carries out advisory and extra-judicial and judicial assistance in the insurance sector.

It deals with the preparation and revision of policy texts, risk analysis, claims management, assistance in procedures before the Supervisory Authority and assistance in authorization procedures.

It provides assistance to foreign insurance companies, also with regard to outsourcing of claims management and settlement activities.

Furthermore, the FIRM provides assistance and consultancy to EU companies that operate in the system of free provision of services.

It provides assistance and legal advice in the cryptocurrency sector.

DI DONNA also distinguished itself in the area of: acquisition finance and leveraged buy-out; debt restructuring; real estate finance; project finance; securitization; leasing, factoring and vendor financing; merger, acquisition and divisions of banks and financial intermediaries, including the preparation and negotiation of the necessary documentation.

DI DONNA assists its customers in the analysis of the different types of financial instruments, in the functioning and regulation methods of listed financial markets and multilateral trading systems. The FIRM assists listed companies in Italy and abroad.