Company and bankruptcy law

Company and bankruptcy law

It provides legal assistance to investors, including international investors, who intend to proceed with the acquisition of companies DI DONNA boasts a consolidated and recognized experience in the sector of company law, paying particular attention to its continuous evolutions, through the analysis of the laws and through the observation of the case law, for the solution of the problems of national and foreign companies.

The FIRM provides assistance to companies in mergers and divisions, cross-border mergers, acquisition and sale of shareholdings, transfers of companies and company branches, public purchase and exchange offers, dealing in particular with the due diligence phases, negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, according to national and international law.

He advises and assists in setting up and managing corporate trusts and mutual funds.

DI DONNA provides assistance in restructuring & turnaround operations and insolvency proceedings, with particular regard to companies, banks and financial intermediaries.

It provides advice with reference to the different profiles of business crisis management and insolvency, as in the preliminary phase of the preventive restructuring and of the measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the restructuring procedures, as with reference to the preparation and execution of the arrangement with creditors, full arrangement and, more generally, in all phases of insolvency proceedings that affect the organizational set-ups of companies.
It provides assistance during the judgments approving the arrangement with creditors, in the appeal procedures and in the liquidation procedures.
He advises on special administration procedures and, in particular, on special administration procedures for big companies in crisis, governed by law no. 39/2004 (c.d. law Marzano), providing assistance in all phases ranging from immediate admission to the procedure, to the judicial assessment of the state of insolvency, up to the preparation of the plan and its formalization. It provides assistance in the assessment of the bankruptcy liabilities and in the liquidation and allotment phases, as well as in the operations of safeguarding the corporate structures, following the eventual transfers of the assets, of the companies within a group or of individual company branches. It assists special commissioners in operations aimed at safeguarding business continuity. Provides legal assistance regarding bankruptcy revocatory actions.
It offers its advice in the preparation of restructuring agreements, operations on the share capital, recapitalization and crisis resolution projects, in order to avoid bankruptcy, also through plans to evaluate the agreements with the different stakeholders.
It offers legal advice on the subject of compulsory administrative winding up, especially with reference to the issues underlying the subjection of cooperative societies.
It offers assistance in matters of bankruptcy, with particular regard to the new regulation introduced by Legislative Decree no. 14/2019 (Code of company crisis and insolvency).